Sunday, 15 October 2017

How To Buy Your First HO Scale Model Train?

Model railroading can be hard to shop for, especially for the first time. For most model train lovers, their HO & O scale locomotives aren’t just a hobby but an extension of their personality. Actually one feels proud to tell that he owns a collection of expensive and antique styled model trains. 

To avoid disappointments after buying a model train, Baxter Backshop has compiled few tips that can assist you in purchasing the right locomotive. Some of them are explained below:

1.    Research The Quality Brands

To make sure you purchase a superior quality locomotive made of corrosion resistant material, always go for leading brand names like K-Line, MTH, Lionel, and others.

2.    Consider The Train Size

Having a train in a different scale can be bit awkward. No matter how nice your O scale train looks when placed on the shelf, it is of no use until it fits the model railroad layout and track space needed. Smaller gauges offer more railroad in a smaller space. If you are not sure about the size of model locomotive you need, don’t consider buying it.

3.    Remember The Time & Place

A classic steam locomotive that functions on the railway may look beautiful, but it might look a little out of place if you are modeling a modern day railway. Though opting for your favorite material and style is a better choice, make sure you choose a genuine model or design.

4.    It’s Not Just Model Trains

Most people believe that model railroading is just about buying O & HO scale trains, whereas the reality is that a model railroad needs a lot more than just trains to be complete. It actually includes structures, figures, trees, cars, lights, and other accessories to design an amazing model layout.

These are the few things you need to consider while purchasing a model locomotive. If you are looking to purchase, sell, service or repair any O & HO scale model trains in Ontario, contact our expert modeler at Baxter Backshop.

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